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Al Owais awards a communication platform in the Arab world

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Dubai: Winners of the Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Awards’ Twelfth Session were honoured in a ceremony held on Wednesday at the Al Owais Foundation headquarters.

The winners of the 2010-11 session are Dr Mohammad Ali Shams Al Deen for Poetry, Radwa Ashour for Stories, Novels and Drama, Dr Faisal Darraj for Criticism and Literature Studies, Dr Abdul Aziz Al Douri for Human and Future Studies, and Ameen Maalouf for Cultural and Scientific Achievements.

The award received 1,237 entries out of which 218 were for poetry, 271 for Stories, Novels and Drama, 220 for Criticism and Literature Studies, 366 for Future Studies and 162 for the Cultural and Scientific Achievements Award.

Dr Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, said the award became a bridge of communication between the UAE and the Arab world

By celebrating and honouring the Arab culture through this award, the UAE celebrated itself and its culture through this award because its part of this culture,” Gargash said Egyptian novelist and academic Dr Radwa Ashour, said that by winning the award she has become a part of an elite group of Arab intellectuals as honoured with Al Owais Award throughout the years.

Dr Ashour said she was honoured to be part of this rare group, which included prominent names who left a significant mark in Arab culture, such as Mahmoud Darwish, Nizar Qabbani, Mohammad Mahdi Al Jawahiri, Edward Saeed, Fadwa Touqan and Salma Al Khadra Al Jayousi.

The decision of the jury was read by Dr Afaf Al Bataynah, member of the award’s jury, while Dr Fatima Al Sayegh read the Board of Trustees’ decision.

The winners received their awards from Dr Anwar Gargash and Abdul Hamid Ahmad, Secretary General of the Award and Gulf News Editor-in-Chief, as well as other members of the board of trustees.

A special edition of memorial stamps issued on March 14 to mark the 25th anniversary of the Al Owais Award was presented to Dr Gargash by Ebrahim Bin Karam, Director-General of Emirates Post.- gulf news


Launch book : » Strategies for hope in the age of violence » next Friday, 29, October

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Sharjah book fair will Host the launching of an new book by Marwa Kreidieh   


Sharjah international book fair 2010, will host young Lebanese woman writer Marwa Kreidieh on the occasion of the launching of the new book: « Strategies for hope in the age of violence » At 6:30 pm next Friday, 29, October 2010 in The Book-signing Corner at Intellectual Programs Hall, Expo Centre.   

  The new book reflects the author’s deep anxieties about the present and it reflects her interest in the field of sociology and its relationship to humanitarian activities. In her book, the author covers the opinions of the wise men and then links that to politics, economy, media and environment. By doing so, she seeks to provide a general outlook for those who want to go beyond the reality of violence to a different horizon than those that have been captivated by power, violent content and the hustle of misleading media. 

The author has tried attaining her purpose by replacing, the current low perception of man, culture and identity that reduces the multi-facet of humans, into portraying the human being as a peaceful creature through presenting a contemporary image based on spiritual dimension mingled with heritage. 


Marwa’s work revolve around two key principles: the first presents the issue of violence and questions its meaning, its boundaries, and its manifestations in politics, media and economy; while the second tries to attribute reasons for violence to the division of the human thought affected by the bilateral violent impotent logic. 



Marwa Kreidieh, a strong opponent of violence in all its forms and ideological moorings, has said her book,  » is an attempt at questioning the received wisdom on different aspects of life in our times, including religion and culture.  The book, published by The Al NAYA Foundation for Research and Publishing, Damascus, is a collection of creative writings that defy easy categorization.  


Marwa Kreidieh is a writer interested in humanitarian issues and non-violence. her uniqueness lies in the fact that she questions political and social relations in the existing multi ethnic groups, religious groups, geographically based groups, and has worked in the fields of intellectual variety, and has contributed many literary works and fine art with poetic thoughts and also researched in the field of political sociology 

 Her books: Rebellious Ideas: On Thought, Culture and Politics, Passages of the soul, Thinking on Paper – Criticism, Thoughts from the remnants of memory



Le cheval blanc -Dessiner par : Marwa Kreidieh

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Le cheval blanc- Dessiner par : Marwa Kreidieh

Le cheval blancDessiner par : Marwa Kreidieh

mesure : 85 cm  X 70 cm 

 Doubai  Avril 2008



Extase – par : Marwa Kreidieh

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sunset - photo by - Marwa kreidieh


 Jour … après …. jour 

Je suis toujours …..  amoureux …. 

qui t’écrivait ….. 

des poèmes …….  Spirituels …. 

qui commençaient par  

« je t’aime » 

et qui finissaient  par  « je t’adore  » 




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