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Strategies for hope in the age of violence by Marwa kreidieh

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Launch Book Strategies for hope in the age of violence By Marwa kreidieh

Sharjah book fair had Host the Launching of New Book:

 « Strategies for hope in the age of violence » By Marwa kreidieh 

The book was marked by Hope and peace  

Sharjah, 30 October 2010:   Sharjah international book fair 2010 had hosted Marwa Kreidieh, Lebanese women writer, on the occasion of the launch of the new book « Strategies for hope in the age of violence », reflecting the author deep anxieties about the present violence in the world. The author offered alternative and rebellious perspective on the contemporary situation in the world and her interest in the field of sociology and its relationship to humanitarian activities. In her book, Marwa’s covered the opinions of the wise men and then links that to politics, economy, media and environment. By doing so, she seeks to provide a general outlook for those who want to go beyond the reality of violence to a different horizon than those that have been captivated by power, violent content and the hustle of misleading media. 

 Marwa Kreidieh, a strong opponent of violence in all its forms and ideological moorings, pointed out that her book is an attempt at questioning the received wisdom on different aspects of life in our times, including religion and culture.



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