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The Prisoner – Drawing by : Marwa Kreidieh

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The Prisoner  - by marwa kreidieh

La Prisonnière 

Dessiner par : Marwa Kreidieh

Doubai - Mars - 2010

 The Prisoner  

Dubai- March  - 2010

Drawing by : Marwa Kreidieh

Marwa Kreidieh’s dedicated “Phoenix under the ashes” to the memory of Beirut

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Marwa Kreidieh's dedicated “Phoenix under the ashes” to the memory of Beirut dans Thinking on Paper- book marwa-kreidieh-video-logo-e Video

During the evening of poetry in the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2010 

Marwa Kreidieh’s dedicated “Phoenix under the ashes” to the memory of

Abu Dhabi -  

     Lebanese poet Marwa Kreidieh read some of his poems at the poetic evening hosted by  The Abu Dhabi international book fair 2010 on the occasion of the launch of the new books: “Thoughts from the remnants of memory & “Thinking on Paper

  Kreidieh proclaimed that each “poet has to pass by in Beirut” and that poetry can be an effective form of “resistance with love and poems”. She also said that many poets have gone through the plight of war & peace then started reading her poems  She then recited some sections from her Book and collection of poems such as the poem “to Beirut …Phoenix under the ashes”, which contains a spirit of creative peace. She also read the poem “Isthmus of love” This is in addition to reading many other poems from the Diwan

While answering one of the audience’s questions, she talked about the book “Thinking on Paper” was not an attempt at pushing any ideological positions, but simply an outpouring of scattered thoughts and ideas that penetrate the contemporary lived realities of the society. “It is a rather affectionate critique of the society, without any pretentions to being an academic treatise or research publication. I am even willing to say it has many contradictions and repetitions, for contradictions actually complement integrity, of thought and action,” she pointed

  marwa kreidieh & hanin omar

At the end of this evening, which lasted for more than an hour, Marwa signed some of his Diwans and books for the audience  The gathering included media persons, literary aficionados and friends and fans of the writer Marwa Kreidieh is a writer interested in humanitarian issues and non-violence. she uniqueness lies in the fact that she questions political and social relations in the existing multi ethnic groups, religious groups, geographically based groups, and has worked in the fields of intellectual variety, and has contributed many literary works and fine art with poetic thoughts and also researched in the field of political sociology.    

marwa-kreidieh-video-logo-e dans Thoughts from the remnants of memory- book Video

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