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Marwa Kreidieh, writer and researcher who recently participated in the dialogue of religions and comparative theology, has also been active in the cultural field in many of the intellectual institutions. Working as a writer collaborating with some newspapers and magazines and the Arab Gulf, in the field of cultural issues and studies, and having many thoughts portrayed in poetic and artistic mediums Marwa Kreidieh is a writer interested in humanitarian issues and non-violence.

Kreidieh uniqueness lies in the fact that she questions political and social relations in the existing multi ethnic groups, religious groups, geographically based groups, and has worked in the fields of intellectual variety, and has contributed many literary works and fine art with poetic thoughts and also researched in the field of political sociology.
She has also been active in the field of media and cultural affairs which is evident in her book, « Rebellious Ideas: On Thought, Culture and Politics ». The author in the inaugural function of her book hosted by the Dubai Press Club reflected the deep anxieties about the present world we live in and offered alternative and even more rebellious perspectives on the grave situation.

Kreidieh also stressed that her book does not in any manner initiate an ideological process, but portrays her vibrant thoughts and ideas that highlight the contemporary realities of society today. She also pointed out that she was being a critic of societal function on very light levels without any apprehensions of an academic or research scholar.

Marwa Kreidieh, a well famed Lebanese writer is also known for her works as a researcher in Anthropology. She was born in
Beirut and is married and has a son. A graduate from
University in 1996, she went on to receive a bachelor’s degree from the Islamic University in
Beirut the very same year.

She has worked since the mid-nineties in many cultural and scientific centers, and conducted variant studies and authored many scientific articles, a testimony to her intellectuality. She has also participated in many conferences and symposia, scientific and cultural in nature for both Arab and International levels.




marwa kreidieh profil


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