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Abu Dhabi book fair Hosts Launch of New Books by Marwa Kreidieh

 marwa kreidieh

The book » Passages of the soul » by marwa Kreidieh 

 are marked by a spirit of creative 
Abu Dhabi, 20 march 2009 

Abu Dhabi international book fair has hosted young Lebanese woman writer Marwa Kreidieh on the occasion of the launch of the new books « PASSAGES OF THE SOUL » & « REBEILLIOUS IDEAS » 

Reflecting the author deep anxieties about the present they live in and offering alternative and even rebellious perspective on the contemporary situation in the world. 

 marwa kreidieh - lunch Book -

Marwa Kreidieh, a strong opponent of violence in all its forms and ideological moorings, has said her book, “Rebellious Ideas: On Thought, Culture and Politics,” is an attempt at questioning the received wisdom on different aspects of life in our times, including religion and culture. The books, published by The Sun Foundation for Media and Publishing,
Cairo, are a collection of creative writings that defy easy categorization. 
 marwa kreidieh sign her book  in Abu Dhabi book fair

 Both the books are marked by a spirit of creative rebellion and genuine anguish, but the « passages of the soul » reflect her human and universal identity 

marwa kreidieh - Abu Dhabi international  fair book On her part, Kreidieh said her book was not an attempt at pushing any ideological positions, but simply an outpouring of scattered thoughts and ideas that penetrate the contemporary lived realities of the society. “It is a rather affectionate critique of the society, without any pretentions to being an academic treatise or research publication. I am even willing to say it has many contradictions and repetitions, for contradictions actually complement integrity, of thought and action,” she pointed out. marwa kreidieh  - passages of the soul

The gathering included media persons, literary aficionados and friends and fans of the writer.


 electronic – edition

Les passerelles de l’âme - par Marwa kreidieh

  L’objectif de cet ouvrage est de révéler Les passerelles de l’âme à travers les expériences spirituelles, base essentielle de notre langue.   Grâce à un talent   créateur extraordinaire, vous y rencontrerez la beauté des mots enflammés par de l’émotion. “Les passerelles de l’âme” n’est pas donc un simple ouvrage mais une vraie oeuvre d’art. C’est un art qui rend le bonheur accessible. C’est un   langage du cœur, érotique soit-il ou simplement expressif. 

 Abu Dhabi book fair Hosts Launch of New Books by Marwa Kreidieh  dans Electronic Library pdf Les passerelles de l’âme- l’édition électronique – Poésie – by marwa kreidieh

On Thought, Culture and Politics - By Marwa kreidieh  -e bookpdf dans Les passerelles de l’âme - Poèmes par: Marwa Kreidi e book – Rebellious Ideas – by marwa kreidieh

ivvitation - marwa kreidieh

4:30 pm – Friday 20 March, 2009

Location:The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Company ADNEC –Book-signing Corner – Venue: C403-Abu Dhabi- UAE 

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